About us!
Welcome to Our Family! 

We run this business because it brings joy to us...doing something we love, while being able to work from home, and support our family! This is ALL we do, so we take great pride in serving you! Welcome!

About  Us

We are a small family business, and we take incredible pride in what we do!  Through fashion, we believe that we can empower every woman to be the best version of herself and tackle the world! 

We have been rewarded with the experiences and joys our customers share with us. Their success in finding themselves has become our success. You are meant to look and feel beautiful. Our stance will always be to put our customers first and welcome them into our family. We would not be here without them. So we extend the welcome mat to you! Come in. Look around. Find those things that make you, YOU. Welcome to the family. Welcome to AYDIN + ELLA!


xoxo, Alicia